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 - Providing receivable financing services nationwide
- Over 70 years of factoring loan company experience

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Our account receivable loan company offers our clients the
highest possible level of service.

We fund your receivables with our own company money, not investor money. This allows us to be more flexible with our factoring company programs.

We take away your cash flow headaches; you get your cash
from your receivables now
and we will wait for your customers to pay.

We can also fund start-up company's account receivables

All industries, including factoring for Health Care Staffing, Tansportation,
Trucking, Manufacturing, Labor Staffing, and more.





Our Account Receivable Loan  Company Program includes the following features at no additional charge:

    24 hour funding on approved        invoices
    Highest advance rates in the       factoring company industry
    Credit analysis on new and       existing customers


      Continuous collection management
       and follow up on factored invoices
      Invoice and statement mailing
       (postage included)
      Account status inquiries anytime;
       24/7 online account access


With our flexible company Security Agreement
our client maintains control


    Clients select accounts they        prefer to factor on an invoice by       invoice basis.



Advance Account Receivable Loan Company Rates up to 97%:


Advance rates are based on overall risk associated with a
particular industry as well as experience and company track record.

We hold reserve accounts to accommodate industries which typically experience dilution and that we would otherwise not be able to service.


    Clients control total factoring       costs by only factoring on an
       "as needed" basis.


Advance rates range from 80% to 97% of the gross invoice amount.


Account Receivable Loan Company Fee Structures:


Factoring fees are determined based on your industry, the credit
worthiness of your customers, how quickly your invoices turn, and
monthly factoring volume.

 To find out how we might structure
an invoice factoring deal for you, please complete our
online account receivable loan company request form.


To talk with a member of our sales team, please contact one of our regional offices at:

Toll Free:  888-266-0197
and ask for Andrea

Fax #:  425-702-1874











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We are currently financing account receivable nationwide including the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho State, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.










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We are currently factoring accounts receivable nationwide including the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho State, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.


How Does Account Receivable Loan Work

Factoring is the purchase of a company's receivables and has been around since the Romans. Factoring loan companies are commercial finance companies that specializes in the purchase of receivables for cash. Fees vary from factoring companies to factoring companies and from client to client. They are determined by a combination of your customer base creditworthiness, average payment cycle, invoice size and factoring volume.

Account receivable loan provides over 100 billion dollars to industry each year. In fact, it is an old financial service used by multi-billion dollar corporations that is now available to smaller sized businesses to which banks are reluctant to lend funds. Invoice factoring is the best way companies are using to fill the tremendous void that banks have created..

The Account Receivable Loan Client profile
You begin by filling out a simple client profile, which we will provide you. Please click here
for company profile. This profile will cover basics such as your company's name and address, the nature of your business, and information about your customers.

You may need to supply the receivable factoring companies with an account receivables aging report, existing customers' credit limits, or other related documents. Remember the factoring company will attempt to determine the creditworthiness of your customers independent of their credit history with your company. Factoring companies want the broader view of their overall credit status.

During this initial stage you will also cover basic financial arrangements with the factoring company. For instance, what will be the monthly volume of account receivables you want to factor(i.e. how liquid do you need to be)? What will the advance rate and the discount rate be? How quickly will the factoring company issue the advance to you?

In most cases, the answers to these questions will vary depending on the financial strength of your customer(s) and the anticipated monthly sales volume to be factored. Variations between industries, length of time in operation, and general reputation of how risky a customer of yours may be. For instance, a long list of high-risk clients will cost you more in factoring fees than a short list of government agencies with a slow-pay history.

In the account receivable financing business, volume is all important. The higher your volume(the dollar amount of invoices you factor), the more favorable your rates will be.

The factoring loan company will use the client profile you submit to determine if your company is suitable for invoice factoring. This process is simply the factoring company analyzing the risks versus the rewards, using the information you provided.

Once approved by the factoring company, you can expect to negotiate terms and conditions. The negotiation process takes several aspects of the deal into consideration. For instance, if you want to factor $10,000, you can't expect as good a deal as a company that wants to factor $500,000.

During the negotiation process, you will become well aware of what it costs for factoring your receivables. After you reach an agreement with the factoring company, the funding wheels begin to roll. The factoring company conducts due diligence by researching your customers' credit and any liens placed against your company. The factoring company also confirms the legitimacy of your invoice before buying your account receivables and advancing cash to you

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When searching for receivable financing often times the
business owner will use words such as
factor receivables,
receivable funding,receivable financing
actor account receivable.
Because factoring is not taught in our business schools people don't know what exactly to search for.
Other terms people use are
cash for receivables,benefit of factoring receivables,
sell receivables,sale of receivables. Bottom Line. no matter what you call it,
our receivable f
actoring company has the cash you need

Agricultural Chemicals Factoring Company,
Aluminum Receiavble Factoring Company,
Chemicals - Major Diversified Account Receivable Factoring Company,
Copper Factoring Company,
Gold Factoring Company,
Independent Oil & Gas Factoring Company,
Industrial Metals & Minerals Factoring Company,
Major Integrated Oil & Gas Factoring Company,
Nonmetallic Mineral Mining Factoring Company,
Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration Factoring Company,
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Factoring Company,
Oil & Gas Pipelines Factoring Company,
Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Factoring Company,
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Synthetics Factoring Company,
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Conglomerates Factoring Company,
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Appliances Factoring Company,
Auto Manufacturers - Major Factoring Company,
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Beverages - Brewers Factoring Company,
Beverages - Soft Drinks Factoring Company,
Beverages - Wineries & Distillers Factoring Company,
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Cigarettes Factoring Company,
Cleaning Products Factoring Company,
Confectioners Factoring Company,
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Paper & Paper Products Factoring Company,
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Textile - Apparel Clothing Factoring Company,
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Real Estate Development Factoring Company,
Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks Factoring Company,
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Aerospace/Defense - Major Diversified Factoring Company,
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  Factoring Company,
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Water Utilities Factoring Company,

Top 50 Cities for Account Receivable Factoring

New York, New York (pop 8,084,316)

  1. Los Angeles, California Factoring Company (pop 3,798,981)
  2. Chicago, Illinois Factoring Company (pop 2,886,251)
  3. Houston, Texas Factoring Company (pop 2,009,834)
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Factoring Company (pop 1,492,231)
  5. Phoenix, Arizona Factoring Company (pop 1,371,960)
  6. San Diego, California Factoring Company (pop 1,259,532)
  7. Dallas, Texas Factoring Company (pop 1,211,467)
  8. San Antonio, Texas Factoring Company (pop 1,194,222)
  9. Detroit, Michigan Factoring Company (pop 925,051)
  10. San Jose, California Factoring Company (pop 900,443)
  11. Indianapolis, Indiana Factoring Company (pop 783,612)
  12. San Francisco, California Factoring Company (pop 764,049)
  13. Columbus, Ohio Factoring Company (pop 725,228)
  14. Austin, Texas Factoring Company (pop 671,873)
  15. Baltimore, Maryland Factoring Company (pop 638,614)
  16. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Factoring Company(pop 590,895)
  17. Boston, Massachusetts Factoring Company (pop 589,281)
  18. Washington, District of Columbia Factoring Company (pop 570,898)
  19. El Paso, Texas Factoring Company (pop 577,415)
  20. Seattle, Washington Factoring Company (pop 570,426)
  21. Denver, Colorado Factoring Company (pop 560,415)
  22. Charlotte, North Carolina Factoring Company (pop 580,597)
  23. Fort Worth, Texas Factoring Company (pop 567,516)
  24. Portland, Oregon Factoring Company (pop 539,438)
  25. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Factoring Company (pop 519,034)
  26. Tucson, Arizona Factoring Company (pop 503,151)
  27. New Orleans, Louisiana Factoring Company (pop 473,681)
  28. Las Vegas, Nevada Factoring Company (pop 508,604)
  29. Cleveland, Ohio Factoring Company (pop 467,851)
  30. Long Beach, California Factoring Company (pop 472,412)
  31. Albuquerque, New Mexico Factoring Company (pop 463,874)
  32. Kansas City, Missouri Factoring Company (pop 443,471)
  33. Fresno, California Factoring Company (pop 445,227)
  34. Virginia Beach, Virginia Factoring Company (pop 433,934)
  35. Atlanta, Georgia Factoring Company (pop 424,868)
  36. Sacramento, California Factoring Company (pop 435,245)
  37. Oakland, California Factoring Company (pop 402,777)
  38. Mesa, Arizona Factoring Company (pop 426,841)
  39. Tulsa, Oklahoma Factoring Company (pop 391,908)
  40. Omaha, Nebraska Factoring Company (pop 399,357)
  41. Minneapolis, Minnesota Factoring Company (pop 375,635)
  42. Honolulu, Hawaii Factoring Company (pop 378,155)
  43. Colorado Springs, Colorado Factoring Company(pop 371,182)
  44. St. Louis, Missouri Factoring Company (pop 338,353)
  45. Wichita, Kansas Factoring Company(pop 355,126)
  46. Santa Ana, California Factoring Company (pop 343,413)
  47. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Factoring Company (pop 327,898)
  48. Arlington, Texas Factoring Company (pop 349,944)
  49. Cincinnati, Ohio Factoring Company (pop 323,885)
  50. Anaheim, California Factoring Company (pop 332,642)
  51. Toledo, Ohio Factoring Company (pop 309,106)
  52. Buffalo, New York Factoring Company (pop 287,698)
  53. St. Paul, Minnesota Factoring Company (pop 284,037)
  54. Corpus Christi, Texas Factoring Company(pop 278,520)
  55. Aurora, Colorado Factoring Company (pop 286,028)
  56. Raleigh, North Carolina Factoring Company (pop 306,944)
  57. Newark, New Jersey Factoring Company (pop 277,000)
  58. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky Factoring Company (pop 263,618)
  59. Anchorage, Alaska Factoring Company (pop 268,983)
  60. Louisville, Kentucky Factoring Company (pop 251,399)
  61. Riverside, California Factoring Company (pop 274,226)
  62. Bakersfield, California Factoring Company (pop 260,969)
  63. Stockton, California Factoring Company (pop 262,835)
  64. Birmingham, Alabama Factoring Company (pop 239,416)
  65. Jersey City, New Jersey Factoring Company (pop 240,100)
  66. Norfolk, Virginia Factoring Company (pop 239,036)
  67. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Factoring Company (pop 225,702)
  68. Hialeah, Florida Factoring Company (pop 228,149)
  69. Lincoln, Nebraska Factoring Company (pop 232,362)
  70. Greensboro, North Carolina Factoring Company(pop 228,217)
  71. Plano, Texas Factoring Company (pop 238,091)
  72. Rochester, New York Factoring Company (pop 217,158)
  73. Glendale, Arizona Factoring Company (pop 230,564)
  74. Akron, Ohio Factoring Company (pop 214,349)
  75. Garland, Texas Factoring Company(pop 219,646)
  76. Madison, Wisconsin Factoring Company (pop 215,211)
  77. Fort Wayne, Indiana Factoring Company(pop 210,070)
  78. Fremont, California Factoring Company(pop 206,856)
  79. Scottsdale, Arizona Factoring Company (pop 215,779)
  80. Montgomery, Alabama Factoring Company (pop 201,425)
  81. Shreveport, Louisiana Factoring Company (pop 199,033)
  82. Lubbock, Texas Factoring Company (pop 203,715)
  83. Chesapeake, Virginia Factoring Company(pop 206,665)
  84. Mobile, Alabama Factoring Company (pop 194,862)
  85. Des Moines, Iowa Factoring Company (pop 198,076)
  86. Grand Rapids, Michigan Factoring Company (pop 196,595)
  87. Richmond, Virginia Factoring Company (pop 197,456)
  88. Yonkers, New York Factoring Company (pop 197,234)
  89. Spokane, Washington Factoring Company (pop 196,305)
  90. Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia Factoring Company (pop 193,101)
  91. Glendale, California Factoring Company (pop 199,430)
  92. Tacoma, Washington Factoring Company (pop 197,553)
  93. Irving, Texas Factoring Company (pop 196,119)
  94. Huntington Beach, California Factoring Company (pop 193,799)
  95. Arlington, Virginia Factoring Company (pop 189,927)
  96. Modesto, California Factoring Companya (pop 203,555)
  97. Durham, North Carolina Factoring Company(pop 195,914)
  98. Boise, Idaho Factoring Company (pop 189,847)
  99. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Factoring Company (pop 188,934)